La vente des Cartes Pros en ligne est désormais close

Vous pourrez acheter votre Carte Pro (dans la limite des places disponibles) à partir du vendredi 24 avril 14h30 à l'accueil pro du festival.

Avant de vous déplacer à Bourges, n'oubliez pas de consulter cette page pour savoir s'il reste toujours des forfaits en vente
pour la journée qui vous intéresse ou appelez l'accueil pro au 02 48 27 40 75 et à partir de vendredi 24 avril 14h30 au 09 70 19 09 29.


Get a Pro Pass (Carte Pro) right now! It will grant you an access to all the shows and designated areas for professionals.

There are many advantages to the Pro Pass, such as:

No. of days Full rate (tax included)
6 Day Pass 402 €
5 Day Pass 343 €
4 Day Pass 279 €
3 Day Pass 210 €
2 Day Pass 149 €
1 Day Pass 79 €

*Unless otherwise specified


Real tool of connections this space offers the possibility at accredited professionals to contact others professionals present on Printemps de Bourges.

Your registration in the professionals' directory will be effective after validation of your demands. If you don't wish to be a part of it, you just have to untick the corresponding box in the formulary. An email with your access codes will be send as soon as the opening.

Your personal contact details (address, email, telephone) don't appear in the professionals' directory. The others accredited professionals contact you by a formulary. Then you can directly answer (or not) and so give your contact details.