The Color Bars Experience(United States / Pop Rock)



Création du Printemps de Bourges Crédit Mutuel

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18:00 > 20:15

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The Color Bars Experience / © DR

Present Elliott Smith "Figure 8"

Fifteen years ago, Elliott Smith was launching Figure 8, his final album marking the end of a career. He disappeared three years later, victim to his long-standing battle against depression and drugs. Still, his music remains influential to this day. Le Printemps de Bourges suggested to eleven classical musicians to pay tribute to his exceptional melodic sense by reinterpreting the songs of Figure 8, with brand new arrangements by Christophe Patrix. On vocals, three singers will share the microphone: Jason Lytle from Frandaddy (who toured with Elliott Smith for Figure 8), Ken Stingfellow from the Posies and Troy Von Balthazar from Chokebore. World Premiere at Bourges before the tour launch.