Superpoze(France / Electro)Remplace Fantasma


Superpoze / © Nathanne Le Corre

After making a name for himself in record time on the Caen electro scene, Superpoze (Gabriel Legeleux by day) raced through the stages in his short career at lightning speed. It all happened so fast: a live tour that saw him appearing at top festivals, DJ sets that took him all over Europe, two EPs released on his own Combien Mille Records label, an EP and tour with his group Kuage, a joint venture with his friend Stwo and a maxi with Kitsuné. You might have thought he would slow down a little, at least to find time to think about why he was still so driven, given that he had already done more than enough to prove his talent and energy. In any case, all this furious activity has led to a concise, homogenous, infinitely eclectic album. Opening is something of a revolution in the “Superpoze sound”. Less affiliated to the history of beatmaking (a genre important to him for so many years), the record explores virgin territory with its very moving, personal electro, focusing on melody as never before.