Lucas Santtana(Brazil / Electro, World)



Le 22 venue - 17

21:00 > 00:50

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Lucas Santtana / © DR

Do you enjoy Brazilian music? Well if you are ready to admit that in Brazil one can treat local music with as much freedom as Brigitte Fontaine treats and perpetuates the heritage of Edith Piaf, then you are ready for Lucas Santtana. His sixth album, Sobre Noites e Dias, released in the fall by Nø Førmat, is a crazy adventure in which you will get to meet Fanny Ardant, Féfé or Vincent Segal and where frevo collides with dub step, and abstract hip-hop meets tropicalism and contemporary music. Even if this is not enough to sum it up, let us add that Lucas Santtana is the nephew of non other than Tom Zé

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