Les iNOUïS 2015 du Printemps de Bourges Crédit Mutuel

Les iNOUïS du Printemps de Bourges Crédit Mutuel

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For thirty years, Réseau Printemps selects up-and-coming bands and artists for the iNOUïS sessions of Le Printemps de Bourges. For thirty years, thirty chosen ones stand out from a rigorous and ambitious selection that includes thousands of candidates applying from all over France and the Francophonie.

This unique network rests on 29 regional and francophone branches that spend the whole year clearing the field in the search of rare musical gems. For thirty years, a total of almost 50 000 candidates have registered in this program out of which only 1500 have been selected so far.

This year, Réseau Printemps celebrates its 30th birthday and still conserves its adolescence. Audacious, curious, greedy and innovative, it discovered Juliette in the past, but also Les Têtes Raides, Zebda, Gojira, Paris Combo, Jeanne Cherhal… and more recently Chinese Man, Juveniles, Chapelier Fou, Concrete Knives, Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains, Skip The Use, Cats on Trees, Christine and The Queens, Fauve, Fakear, Feu Chatterton…

More than any other network in France, Reseau Printemps is recognized as the country's main scouting and support organization, that is simply because from the outset, it has not changed and imposed the self discipline of constant renewal, ears always open to new trends, with the daring ambition to surprise.

This is why music professionals, the media as well as audiences all flock to discover the iNOUïS of Le Printemps de Bourges Credit Mutuel. It is also because that is where future editions of the festival are mapped out.

This year, eight artists from previous iNOUïS sessions are part of the official line-up: Christine and The Queens (crowned with two victoires de la musique, a gold album and a multitude of various awards since her INOUÏS jury prize at the Printemps de Bourges in 2012), Kid Wise, Chinese Man, Hyphen Hyphen, Ben Mazué, Fakear, Thylacine and La Fine Equipe.

In 2015, more than 3200 candidates across France have gone through the various selection hurdles of applications followed by the cycle of regional auditions before finally belonging to this shortlist from which so many great names of French and francophone music have risen. They are now on their way to meet the audiences of Le Printemps de Bourges and the iNOUïS jury who after Nostfell in 2012, Orelsan in 2013, and Albin de la Simone in 2014, is presided this year by Mathias Malzieu.

Then what? In order to make sure this year's iNOUïS adventure is not just a momentary lapse of reason, the iNOUïS tour launched last year will been reconducted *, as a smaller version of Le Printemps taking place during the fall.

Daniel Colling

* The Inouïs Tour : The 6th of October at Cargo in Caen, the 7th at the Chabada in Angers, the 8th at the Metronum in Toulouse, the 9th at the Cooperative de Mai in Clermont-Ferrand, the 10th at La Cartonnerie in Reims.