Juliette Gréco(France / French song)



Le Palais d'Auron venue - 36€

20:00 > 22:30

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Juliette Gréco / © DR

First show of her ending tour "Merci"

Wasn't it her who instigated the idea of a free woman? Well, Le Printemps is proud to welcome once more Juliette Gréco. Her life, isn't merely an inherent part of History (Jean-Paul Sartre helped her select her first songs in 1949!) and a testimony of great artistic prowess (singing Gainsbourg as early as 1958 and inspiring him to write La Javanaise), performing Deshabillez-Moi (Undress me) on television…) It is also her unshakable song writing ethic, which allows her to sing Abd Al Malik or Francois Morel with the same ease, while also keeping the interpretation of classics alive as she has done with Jacques Brel on her 2013 album.

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