Daniel Mille(France / Jazz, World)



Nos Cher Balades

Nos Cher Balades - 18€

16:30 > 17:30


Daniel Mille / © Olivier Solong

Daniel Mille will interpret the repertoire of Astor Piazzolla who ennobled tango as much as the accordion although his role was much further reaching. He stands at the cross road of art music and folk and has become one of the most renowned composers of his century. 
Daniel Mille is a jazz accordionist who regularly left the path of instrumental music to meet with Barbara, Higelin, Nougaro, but also Jean Louis Trintignant. Beyond the accordion, as the obvious link between the two men and their respective eras, it is also his attraction for building bridges across genres that made this encounter obvious and unavoidable. 
Daniel Mille covers Piazzolla with the help of three cellos and a double bass, transcending the instrumentation and arrangements of the master, creating new atmospheres adding to the tonalities of the compositions, and shining a light on instrumental music. No need for words here, notes are enough to accept this invitation for a musical journey.

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