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Tickets available at Fnac, Carrefour, Géant, Magasins U, Intermarché

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Clarc's cheques

Clarc's cheques « Show, heritage, environment » (« Spectacle, patrimoine, environnement ») are accepted by Printemps de Bourges' Correspondents, in this points of sell:

  • Youth Information Office
    8 boulevard de la République, Hall St Bonnet - 18000 BOURGES
  • Pays de George Sand's Tourist office
    134 rue Nationale - 36400 LA CHATRE
  • Youth Information Point
    3 rue Jean Monnet - 41300 ROMORANTIN-LANTHENAY
  • Youth Information Office
    15 avenue de Vendome - 41000 BLOIS
  • Pac Etudiant / Le Bouillon
    Rue de Tours - 45000 ORLEANS

Clarc's cheques

Une coproduction Emmetrop et Le Printemps de Bourges.


3 Concerts Offer

Benefit from 10% discount on your order as from 3 tickets bought*!

*Offer valid on 3 different concerts. Seating is subject to availability.

« Electro Day » Pass

Saturday, April 25th - 39€ instead of 47€

Live a unique electro day at Printemps de Bourges! Your Rock'n'Beat ticket + in before an electro iNOUïS ticket.

« Hip-Hop Session » Pass

2 Hip-Hop concerts at 22 Est/Ouest venue - 25€ instead of 30€

The program begins Sunday, April 26th with iNOUïS hip-hop + LA FINE EQUIPE in guest and continues the next day Monday, April 27th with GUTS (LIVE BAND) + EMICIDA + DAM + LUCAS SANTTANA + SIANNA concert.

La Région Centre, Le Département du Cher and Le Printemps de Bourges engage with Secours Populaire.

1€ = 1 helping hand for the most disadvantaged people culture access

Persons victim of precariousness are isolated. Provide for vital needs is not enough. It must go hand in hand with actions to start afresh connections with others. It's why Secours populaire proposes many initiatives and cultural trips all the year.
In giving 1€ to Secours populaire today you encourage the culture access for young people in poverty situation you too.

How give 1€ to Secours Populaire?

During your purchase you can select the option enabling to add 1€ to the ticket price for this 3 concerts:

La Région Centre and le Département du Cher engage to double the donation global sum.

Secours populaire